Tips for Temporary Lodging

Our Best Tips for Your Temporary Lodging Stay

Whether you are in between moves or staying somewhere for short period of time, you will need temporary lodging. This can be a hassle for anyone, but there are things you can do to make it simple. Here are some of our top tips for making your temporary lodging stay as easy as possible.

 Furniture Rentalrental furniture for temporary lodging

Renting furniture can be beneficial for many reasons, even if you’re temporarily staying somewhere or not. First of all, think of how much easier the moves will be without moving all of your furniture. You have to move to the temporary lodging, then move back to your permanent home. Putting your current furniture in a storage unit is always an option as well. If you’re in between homes and are wanting to buy new furniture for the new home, this is also an easy option. By renting furniture until you move into the new house, you won’t have to move your old furniture. Not to mention, being able to choose the perfect match for your new home once you have moved in. Furniture rental is by far one of the best ways to make temporary lodging a breeze!

Mail Delivery Options

mail delivery options for temporary lodging

One aspect of temporary lodging which many people typically don’t think about is mail delivery. Whether you are in between houses or temporarily staying somewhere for work, how do you receive mail during this time? An easy choice would be to find a family member or friend who could pick up mail or have it sent to their house in the mean time. Also, depending on where you will be, you could have the mail forwarded to your temporary home. Usually, going with a friend or family member is suggested. That way you wouldn’t need to be worried about your mail getting sent to the temporary place.

Another mailing option is always to open up a P.O. box. These can either be a blessing or a pain to deal with. If you are close to the post office and won’t need to go out of your way to get to the box, these can be very helpful. All of these options are good, but it’s always nice to check with your local post office to see which route they recommend you take. 



Minimalism is a useful skill to have when temporarily staying somewhere. Essentially, everything you have with you is going to be packed and moved twice within a short amount of time. That can be a pain to deal with. Depending on the situation, the best way to make moving easier is storage. Yes, it does need to be moved to storage, but you do save time on packing. By bringing just the essentials you need, you can easily cut down on the stress of moving as well as from a temporary stay.

Now that you’ve gotten some pro tips for your next temporary lodging stay, where do you start? You will need to determine where you are staying first, the details can be handled later. Contact us today to get started!