The Difference Between Good and Bad Corporate Apartments

As our world becomes smaller reasons for extended business travel increase, which means the need for quality, affordable corporate apartments also increases. Staying away from home for such extended periods are hard on any employee, which is why enjoying their accommodations is so vitally important. Not only to individual morale and comfort, but also to the success of the work project that was the impetus for extended stay in the first place.corporate lodging

In order to find corporate apartments for your next business trip, or for employees your company is hosting, you need to use a provider that has quality partnerships. Beyond customer service and billing options, you are using a temporary lodging provider to help you find the best option for your specific needs.

In order to truly provide you with the highest number and quality of listings, as well as maximum comfort during the extended stay, a corporate housing provider must have partnerships with the below.

Partnerships with Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Finding the best, and most, corporate apartment options means partnering with someone who knows a market’s apartment industry inside and out. This means partnering with a reputable, local commercial real estate Broker.

Commercial real estate Brokers are professional market navigators and are well connected in their real estate sector. Those that have a specialized history in the apartment sector have a deep network of brokers, property managers, developers and lending institutions all providing insider knowledge into current, and future, apartment availabilities.

Corporate housing providers, through their relationship with local commercial real estate brokers, are able to provide their clients with more options, which means more competition, which means more value.

Partnerships with Property Managers

Much like commercial real estate Brokers, a partnership with Property Managers can yield extended corporate apartment options. This is definitely a benefit, but it’s not the only benefit that this partner can bring to the table.

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Not only do you want to ensure you find the best corporate apartments, you want to ensure that the one you choose provides timely and thorough response to any issues that can arise during the extended stay. Through partnerships with quality property management firms your corporate housing provider issues a promise that their apartments will be property maintained and that the employee staying there has their needs promptly met.

Whether a leaky faucet or an issue with the air conditioner, partnerships with property managers mean a happy extended stay. This means a happy employee in a productive work living environment, which is something you truly can’t put a price on.

Want to Ensure You Find the Best Corporate Apartments? Partner with a Quality Provider.

The rural southern market can be difficult to navigate at times. If you are traveling for business and in need of corporate apartments in Mississippi, Alabama or Louisiana then you need a quality partner to find you only the quality availabilities. Our team has over 37 years experience in the Gulf South apartment sector and has partnerships with only the most reputable providers. This translates to a pool of only vested, quality corporate apartments that are maintained to the highest caliber. If you would like to see options for your next business trip then please contact us today.