Packing For Your Next Temporary Lodging Stay

4 Steps to Perfectly Packing For Your Next Temporary Lodging Stay

temporary lodging suitcase

Those who stay in temporary lodging do so because they have travel needs, whether business or personal, which cause them to be away from home for periods of a month or longer. Typically once a traveler has a stay that is two weeks or longer their packing list gets exponentially longer. While packing for a stay in temporary lodging does require a bit more thought, and items, it shouldn’t require a moving van.

With years of experience managing temporary lodging facilities we at Southgate Executive Lodging have packing down to a science. Below we lay out our four steps to perfectly packing for your next long-term stay away from home. 

Step 1: Learn what’s available at your temporary lodging unit

First things first, figure out what items are currently stocked at your temporary lodging unit. If you are using a reputable provider they will give you a detailed list of items in their furnished units, so be sure to ask. Below is what you should typically find:

  • Furniture: If your unit is furnished that means it should come with all the essential furniture items: couch, coffee table, end tables, dining table and chairs, bed and dresser.
  • Housewares:The temporary lodging unit should come with everything that a traveler will need for daily life: linens, pillows, hangers and a fully stocked kitchen. Kitchen items should include all necessary utensils, cookware, appliances and gadgets.
  • Electronics: A good temporary lodging unit will have a television, DVR and modem providing private, dedicated Wi-Fi access.

Step 2: Pack the essentials

While the below seems obvious, the trick is learning what you need to bring…and what you can acquire onsite, saving you precious packing room for your extended stay.

Basic Items

If the below items can’t fit into a carry-on sized bag then go ahead and purchase onsite.

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Shampoo, conditioner, body wash
  • Blow dryer, curling iron, and any hair-related items that you use
  • Makeup, aftershave gel, face wash, beauty items
  • Perfume/cologne
  • Razor and blades


  • Medicine/medications/prescriptions
  • Glasses or contacts
  • Important documents (Passport, etc.)
  • Pet supplies and medications (if they are joining you)


  • 2 weeks worth of clothing: You will have laundry facilities onsite so whether staying for 30 or 60 days, you only need 2 weeks worth of outfits.


  • Phone and charger
  • Laptop and charger
  • Portable hard drive
  • Camera and charger
  • Portable reader and charger

Step 3: Pack the non-essentials…that you really do need

temporary lodging bedroomOnce a traveler packs everything we listed in Step 2 they have the essentials they need for a long-term stay in temporary lodging.  While we could end our packing guide now, we have learned a thing or two about what truly makes for an enjoyable stay. This includes those items that a traveler may not “need” but in fact serve to make them happy and bring a piece of home on the road. This can actually be just as important as those essential items.

  • Photos: There is nothing like seeing the places and faces of those that make you happy. Just a couple of personal photos in a space that isn’t yours will instantly make it feel closer to home.
  • “My favorite ____”: Everyone has that one item that makes them feel at home. Whether that is a weathered hoodie or a stuffed animal, bring that one thing that provides inner comfort.
  • Pillows: There is something about laying your head on your own pillow at the end of the day. Bring yours with you and sleep just a little better at night.
  • Portable Music Player: If you need music in your life and your temporary lodging unit doesn’t have a stereo, it’s a great idea to bring a portable music player along for your extended stay.

Step 4: Edit

One of the downsides of staying at temporary lodging for long periods of time is that you are away from all your “stuff”. While we all yearn for “our bed” and “our couch”, it’s super unrealistic and ultra difficult to bring those items with you.

Trick of the temporary lodging trade? Once you feel you have everything that you want to take with you, edit…and then edit some more. It’s normal to want to take everything but the kitchen sink, but trust us…it’s a pain to travel with a lot of stuff. Not only do you have to keep track of it for when your stay is over, you have to get it to your destination. Remember less is more, and chances are you get whatever you need at your destination.

Bonus Step: Work with a dedicated temporary lodging provider

Before you even pull out your suitcase to pack, you need to first find temporary lodging for your travel needs. If you are planning a trip to Alabama, Mississippi or Louisiana and are searching for extended stay options, contact the dedicated team at Southgate Executive Lodging. We will match you up with the perfect temporary lodging unit to fit your travel needs. Call us at (601) 599 – 5634.