Try Mobile Housing for Onsite or Rural Projects

When finding and coordinating an extended stay for yourself, your family or your corporate team, there are many options available to you. From furnished apartments to private residences, there are sure to be plenty of choices in any given local market. What if you need temporary housing for a project in a rural area, or an off-the-grid location? What are your options then?Two Mobile Housing Options

While it can seem challenging to coordinate housing when your project is most literally in the middle of nowhere, Mobile Housing is the ideal solution. Instead of trying to find the nearest hotel or apartment community, which could be up to 3 hours away, mobile housing brings the shelter to you.

Below we take a look at how mobile housing serves temporary needs, and the options that are currently available. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask.

Mobile Housing Options

Whether your project is located on the oil fields, a sprawling ranch, or a backcountry site, mobile housing is the answer to your temporary dwelling needs. Below find the current mobile housing options that are available.

Mobile Manufactured HomesMobile Housing-Small Home

The most common, and widely used, type of mobile housing is mobile manufactured homes. These temporary housing units come complete with all the comfort, convenience and amenities of a typical home, without sacrificing quality.

These mobile housing solutions includes full kitchens, full bathrooms, living rooms, and are available from one up to four bedrooms. For larger projects that require housing for a high number of employees, clients will typically use multiple manufactured homes and set them up in a park-like setting.

Bunk Sleeping Halls

For situations where the temporary housing need is simply too high, or if there are budgetary restraints for private mobile homes, bunk sleeping halls will be theMobile Housing-Many Small Options best solution.

This mobile housing solution is designed for comfort and practicality and can sleep anywhere from four up to 20 persons under one roof. They come standard with quality HVAC, electrical, privacy curtains and offer bathroom and kitchen options.

Dining Facilities

Mobile dining facilities are available to meet the needs of highly populated onsite and rural projects. These self-contained, portable units come in a variety of sizes and have room to seat and service any dining need.

Furnished Offices

For projects that require employees to have dedicated, private working spaces, mobile furnished offices are available. These mobile units come turnkey and are outfitted with everything a client would need to run their project smoothly.

This includes comfortable and quality office furniture such as desks and chairs, any necessary office equipment such as copiers and printers, and of course is outfitted with fast and secure Internet connectivity.

Mobile Housing Logistics

Mobile Housing Logistics

Dike, Iowa, July 3rd, 2008–Park model mobile homes arrive in Dike, Iowa at the FEMA staging area to be set up and prepared for move-in by victims of the Iowa flooding disaster. There is a housing shortage in several of the affected areas, so FEMA is providing the mobile homes as temporary housing. Susie Shapira/FEMA

When a project is located in rural or off-the-grid locations, there is more to plan for beyond the actual housing, sleeping and dining needs. If a location is truly in the middle of nowhere, that means there may be no access to electricity or safe, clean water.

As the need for mobile housing has increased, especially in the face of natural disasters where a high number of people are displaced or in military mobilizations with classified locations, so has the technology.

Each mobile housing solutions comes with the following:

* Waste Water Processing Systems

* Potable Water Systems

* Electric Systems

Seeking Mobile Housing in Mississippi, Louisiana or Alabama?

If you have an upcoming project located in rural areas of Mississippi, Louisiana or Alabama the staff at Southgate Executive Lodging can help. Our dedicated professionals have extensive knowledge of temporary housing options and have established working relationships with quality partners located throughout the South. We’ve been there to help set up mobile housing for both the victims of Hurricane Katrina and military mobilizations for Iraq and Afghanistan deployments. We can be there for you too. Contact us today.