Extended Stay Options

Extended Stay Options: Why Hotels Aren’t the Only Choice

There are many reasons why someone would need extended stay housing. When they do, they shouldn’t have to forgo privacy, convenience and feeling at home away from home. Whether traveling for work or relocating to a new city, if you are seeking temporary housing for multiple days, or weeks, you should know all of your options.

When staying away from home, most people tend to do the obvious and search for hotels as their temporary housing. In this article, we outline why hotels aren’t the only choice. In fact, we outline why hotels are actually the wrong choice for extended stay.

Below, find the main differences between extended stay lodging (furnished apartments and private residences) and hotels to help you make a more informed decision when choosing housing. If you have questions about anything you read, please reach out so we can help.


Extended Stay - PriceHotels

With the advent of multiple travel websites, it’s easier than ever to find a good deal on a hotel room…for a few nights. Once you have a housing need for 4 nights up to a couple weeks, that deal doesn’t seem so good anymore. Simply put, most travelers’ budgets simply do not support the cost of hotel stay for extended periods.

Extended Stay

Fully furnished apartments and private residences average 30% to 55% less than a comparable quality hotel.

The Room(s)


Standard hotel rooms are anywhere from 350 to 425 square feet in size.

Whether it’s a luxury or budget hotel, when staying anywhere for days (especially weeks) at a time, a one-room area that size is going to feel very small very fast. Say goodbye to privacy, and sanity if you happen to being sharing that space with others.

Extended Stay

With extended stay lodging, you are going to have the option of furnished apartments or private residences. These home-away-from-home’s include one, two or three bedrooms and are anywhere from 825 up to 2,000+ square feet.



  • Extended Stay - KitchenCheck In: Curbside unloading immediately followed by waiting around in a hotel check-in line.
  • Billing: Not only do most hotels put a hold on your credit card for $250 or more for incidentals, they offer no customized billing options.
  • Parking: Hotels offer two parking options. Costly daily self-parking (often located far away from your room) and even more costly valet parking (which causes you to have to call and wait around for your vehicle every time you need it).
  • Wi-Fi: Hotels have become quite stingy with their Internet options. They are unfortunately well known for having slow networks, high prices, and kicking off their guests in moments notice.
  • Entry: Noisy, busy, distracting public lobby area.
  • Washer/Dryer: Most often not available for use as hotels will require you to pay for costly laundry service. If they are available, they are coin operated.
  • Television: One standard television offering basic cable channels and no DVR or on-demand capabilities.
  • Kitchen: Standard hotel rooms will typically come fitted with a microwave and coffee maker. If you are lucky you will get one with a mini-fridge.

Extended Stay

  • Check In: Simply pull up to your front-door parking spot and directly walk-in to your furnished apartment or private residence.
  • Billing: Especially helpful for corporate teams, executive lodging offers customizable billing options. They will direct all charges to the appropriate parties (even when it’s not the persons staying there).
  • Parking: Garage, carport or private, front door parking.
  • Wi-Fi: Private, dedicated server offering lightening fast Internet access that is available for your needs, and your needs only.
  • Entry: Private entry, just like being at home.
  • Washer/Dryer: Private washer and dryer in every unit.
  • Television: Extended stay lodging features a television equipped with DVR capabilities in every room of the furnished apartment or private residence.
  • Kitchen: Full-size kitchen area with a full-suite of appliances and stocked with cookware and housewares.

Need Help Finding Extended Stay Options?

If you are seeking extended stay lodging in Mississippi, Louisiana or Alabama, be sure to find the best and most economical options available to you. The team at Southgate Executive Lodging has over 50 years of experience in the area. We can help you locate the right housing to fit all of your needs. If you would like to talk to us, or want us to send you a detailed list of your options, please contact us today.