Executive Lodging Options on the Gulf Coast

Whether for a few days or a few weeks, when you are traveling away from home you want, deserve and need more. After all, a focused, relaxed and recharged team means more

great lodging options for our guests

productive and fruitful business. Being at “your best” is not just a want, for businesses a team at their best literally affects the bottom line. So when searching for executive lodging and extended stay options, think past hotels and all the distractions and hassles that come along with them.

Not only are there other temporary housing solutions out there, they are more integrated and inexpensive than staying at hotels. The team at Southgate Executive Lodging has over 50 years experience in the temporary housing industry and below we outline the executive lodging solutions that ensure you get the most return on your housing investment.

Hotels Aren’t the Only Option

When searching for lodging for your next business trip to Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and the Florida Panhandle hotels are typically the first thing that comes to mind, but most don’t know they aren’t the only option. In fact, there are not only other options, but also better options. Here’s why:

  • Savings: Fully furnished apartment homes and private residences average 30% to 55% less than a comparable quality hotel. Talk about affecting your bottom line.
  • Direct Check-In: No more curbside unloading and waiting around in line in hotel lobbies. With executive lodging options you get direct door check-in…and front door parking.
  • Direct Corporate Billing: Room charges, incidentals, lost receipts…with executive lodging options your team has one less thing to stay on top of.
  • Private Dedicated Wi-Fi: Hotels have become increasingly stingy over the years with their Internet options. From high prices, slow networks and being kicked off a moments notice, avoid the hassles with a private dedicated server.

Check out our comparison chart that further outlines the difference between hotels and our executive lodging solutions.

Executive Lodging Options 

Now that you know there is something else better out there, let’s cover the temporary housing options that truly speak to your business needs. Whether on the beach, downtown, or located off the beaten path, Southgate Executive Lodging offers housing solutions that meet and exceed any business team needs.

Furnished Apartments

furnished apartmentsCompared to hotels, furnished apartments will offer you more space and more bang for your buck. Our furnished apartments average around 900 SF, compared to a hotel room that is often less than 400 SF. From full size kitchens, to large living areas and outside space…this housing alternative is an easy choice.

In addition to space, furnished apartment homes offer many conveniences that make you feel at home including garages or carports, quality interiors that don’t see wear like hotels, and best of all they are pet-friendly!

Private Residences

hattiesburg apts 2Often times when traveling your temporary housing needs may extend past what an apartment complex can provide. In this case we offer fully furnished private residences as an extended stay option. This solution is best for relocations, group housing needs and high-level clientele. Private residences also offer more location options, for when your travel needs take you to more rural areas.

Mobile Housing Solutions

Speaking of rural, if you have a project that is located in the middle of nowhere you are presented with a new set of housing challenges. If a two-hour commute from hotel to project is not an option for you, which let’s face it – it’s not, then our mobile housing solutions are here to save the day.

To provide quality and convenience to your off the grid temporary housing needs, we offer:

  • 1-4 Bedroom Mobile Manufactured Homes
  • Bunk Sleeping Halls for 4 – 20 people
  • Land Partners throughout the South offering Camp Leases
  • Mobile Waste Water Processing Systems
  • Potable Water Systems
  • Mobile Furnished Offices
  • Mobile Dining Facilities and access to service providers.

Benefits of Executive Lodging

Beyond cost savings and billing solutions, there are many benefits to using executive lodging housing options.

  • Privacy: Whether an apartment, private residence or mobile housing when you venture away from hotel options you venture away from noisy lobbies, annoying guests and spaces beyond your 400 SF that you have to share with others.
  • Convenient: Washer and dryers, full size kitchens, dedicated Wi-Fi, fitness centers and a customer service team that is waiting and able to make your stay the best possible.
  • Home Away From Home: Want to have company and entertain guests or business partners? With executive lodging options you have the space you need in the environment you want.

Need to Reserve Housing?

Are you or your team planning on an extended stat trip in Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama or the Florida Panhandle? Instead of hotels that can quickly become expensive and cumbersome realize there are more housing options and Southgate Executive Lodging is here to help. If you would like more information on the finest executive lodging options and amenities, or to make a reservation, contact us today.