Questions for Your Corporate Housing Provider

5 Questions to Ask Your Corporate Housing Provider

Traveling for business and staying away from home in corporate housing can be tough, especially for extended periods of time. In order to ensure the best outcome it’s important to do your research.Corporate Housing - Traveling

Not all corporate housing options are created equal and there are certain things that can make or break your extended stay. To ensure the most comfortable and enjoyable trip be sure to ask these 5 questions before you sign any housing contract. Trust us, you will be glad you did.

What are my corporate housing options?

Each business traveler has different corporate housing needs and there are many factors that affect what those are. From the type of work to length of stay to office location, where you end up and in what type of corporate housing will look different for everyone.

Since there are many variables involved it’s important to seek a provider that can offer you the full spectrum of housing options. Do you need a one-bedroom apartment (traveling alone) or do you require an entire home (traveling with your family)? Do they offer both furnished and unfurnished units? What about locations off the beaten path, do they offer mobile housing solutions?

Be sure to clearly define your needs and only book the corporate housing solution that meets and exceeds those expectations.

What amenities are included?

Like we said before, not all corporate housing is created equal and the offered amenities is where you will really feel the difference. Be sure to find out exactly what is included in your extended stay. Does ‘fully furnished’ mean kitchen utensils and linens? What about Internet access? Do you have to pay extra for cable?

To ensure maximum comfort make sure your extended stay provider offers the following amenities:

  • Private, Dedicate Wi-Fi: You will want a private, dedicated Internet server that delivers unencumbered Wi-Fi at the fastest speeds possible.
  • Extended Cable with DVR: After a long day of work you will want to zone out, and you will want to do it on more than 4 channels. Also, with today’s technology make sure they offer DVR capabilities so you never miss your favorite show.
  • Fully Stocked Housewares: The corporate housing unit should come with everything that makes a home, from comfortable couches to linens. Make sure they offer a full-size, fully stocked kitchen including all necessary utensils, cookware, etc.
  • Dedicated Parking: Look for dedicated parking in the form of private sparking spaces or even better, a garage or carport.
  • Laundry Facilities: Ensure that there are laundry facilities in your corporate housing unit, and if not available, at least on-site.

What are your corporate housing accreditations?

In any industry, accreditations ensure quality. When it comes to corporate housing you will want a provider who is held to ethical, professional and customer service standards. You will find this through membership and active involvement in the Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA).

The CHPA is a trade organization that requires adherence to strict and specific corporate housing standards, distinguishing quality providers from the rest of the industry. This extensive education into temporary housing provides corporate housing providers with the tools to meet any client need or challenge.

Can I bring my pet(s)?

There may be situations, especially when staying for extended periods, where you may need bring along your furry family. Since apartment communities and private residences each have their own rules and regulations, make sure your corporate housing provider is able to offer accommodations that accept, and cater to, your pet(s).

Is there a dedicated property manager?

It’s Murphy’s Law: anything that can go wrong will go wrong. So, when staying in an apartment or home for an extended period you can assume something will inevitably break. In the event of a maintenance issue, you will want it fixed quickly and efficiently. The only way to ensure this is by working with corporate housing provider who offers dedicated customer service/property management.

This person will be on-hand for any issues, questions or concerns that may arise during a corporate housing stay. From billing inquiries to a leaky faucet to a question about where to go for dinner, make sure wherever you stay offers you a dedicated communication line.

Hopefully these tips have provided you with good directives to find your ideal corporate housing situation. If you still have questions or would like more information on options throughout Mississippi, Alabama or Louisiana, contact the team at Southgate Executive Lodging at 601-599-5634.