Moving? Know Your Temporary Housing Options

Know Your Temporary Housing Options

Temporary housing bridges the gap between your old home and new. Often times in relocation an individual, or a family, will need a place to stay. This stay could last for a few days up or a few months, based on their situation. Hotels can certainly add up fast when staying for longer periods. Most of us simply want to stay somewhere that feels like home. Knowing your temporary housing options can help with the moving process.Moving Boxes

Whether relocating because of your job or simply wanting a change, it can be challenging to find short-term, temporary housing options. In order to ensure a positive and successful transition to your new permanent home and community, follow our outline. We will discuss the available temporary housing options and for whom they are a right fit.

Temporary Housing Option 1: Hotels

If you are relocating and have already moved out of your previous home and found a new one that is ready and waiting, then a hotel would be the option for you. Hotels are a good choice for those who need temporary housing for only a few days. Although, any more than that and it ends up not being too convenient.

From room service to Internet to parking, hotel charges can certainly add up fast and aren’t very realistic for most relocation budgets.

Temporary Housing Option 2: Extended Stay Hotels

For those who need temporary housing for longer than a few days, extended stay hotels will offer more amenities and better prices than normal hotels. While they may fit relocation budgets a little better, and often include a full kitchen (a major living necessity), they still aren’t the best option for those who need temporary housing for over 30 days.

Anytime you go over a month two things are sure to happen: prices increase and so do your housing needs. Living in one room, full kitchen or not, is fine for a few days, maybe even a few weeks. Once you hit that mark though you realize you need a lot more space, and an option that won’t eat into your savings.

Temporary Housing Option 3: Furnished Apartments

For those who are relocating to a new community, have not yet found a place to live, and plan to stay for over a month, furnished apartments will be the temporary housing option for you.

Whether it takes one or up to three months to find your permanent place, with furnished apartments you get the amenities of living at home without quite being there yet. These include secure, dedicated Internet and private reserved parking just to name a few.

Temporary Housing Option 4: Private Residence

For families who need more space and options than an apartment can provide, a private residence is the temporary housing option for you.New Home

Just like the home you are waiting to move into, a private residence comes furnished. It has everything you need to keep yourself and your family happy…without having to sign a lease or set up utilities.

The best part about a private residence as a temporary housing option is that it’s turnkey, flexible, and fits most long-term relocation budgets.

Moving and Need Temporary Housing? We’re Here to Help!

The team at Southgate Executive Lodging has deep knowledge of the temporary housing options throughout Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama. Whether it is in a furnished apartment, private residence or executive suite condo, we aim to make our clients feel right at home. If you are moving, or you are moving your corporate team, and need to know what is available, please reach out. That way, we can outline your options and provide a comprehensive quote.

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Choice of Corporate Housing

Why Your Choice of Corporate Housing Matters

When your business team is traveling, your choice of corporate housing most certainly matters. This isn’t a vacation and ensuring that your team stays relaxed, focused and productive is always the main priority.building

To ensure that you have a team functioning at full capacity, there are certain corporate housing elements that must be in place. These must-haves will help facilitate the best environment possible. It just so happens that these elements you can’t get when you stay in a hotel, but you can with executive lodging. Executive lodging options include: furnished apartments, private residences, and mobile housing solutions (for remote areas).

Below we outline what to look for when searching for corporate housing options for you or your team’s next business trip. If you have any questions about what you read, or simply need help, please reach out to us at 601-599-5634 (Lodge).

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Executive Lodging Options on the Gulf Coast

Whether for a few days or a few weeks, when you are traveling away from home you want, deserve and need more. After all, a focused, relaxed and recharged team means more

great lodging options for our guests

productive and fruitful business. Being at “your best” is not just a want, for businesses a team at their best literally affects the bottom line. So when searching for executive lodging and extended stay options, think past hotels and all the distractions and hassles that come along with them.

Not only are there other temporary housing solutions out there, they are more integrated and inexpensive than staying at hotels. The team at Southgate Executive Lodging has over 50 years experience in the temporary housing industry and below we outline the executive lodging solutions that ensure you get the most return on your housing investment.

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