Temporary Lodging Provider Questions

8 Important Questions to Ask Your Temporary Lodging Provider

Temporary lodging is a necessary option for many travelers who have needs, business or otherwise, that will have them away from home for lengthy periods of time. Compared to normal hotels, or even extended stay hotels, temporary lodging is popular because it offers the conveniences of a rental lease without most of the obligations.

As much as travelers know of temporary lodging as an option for their “home away from home”, many aren’t aware of the specific details that make it different from say a hotel or a typical rental lease. Below we outline the information that any guest in temporary lodging should know before they commit to a contract for stay.

If you are seeking temporary lodging options for your next trip, make sure you ask these important questions. No one likes surprises; especially those that affect your bank account, so take heed and ask away!

The Most Important Questions to Ask Your Temporary Lodging Provider

What is the minimum length of stay?

Most temporary lodging providers have a minimum length of stay of 30 days (one month), depending on availability. So, if your trip is only running 2 weeks this won’t be an option for you. As you know apartment rentals require yearly leases, but temporary lodging offers the flexibility of 3-month, 6-month, and month-to-month lease options (depending on provider).

Am I required to provide my own insurance?

When you stay at a hotel you aren’t worried about wear-and-tear or damages. Conversely, when you sign an apartment lease you are required to carry renters insurance. So where does your temporary lodging provider stand on insurance requirements of their furnished rental units?

Be sure to ask your provider if they offer any kind of insurance. Accidents happen, and any guest should know who is getting that repair bill.

Do you have on-site or dedicated property management?

If you are in a hotel you call the front desk, if you live in an apartment you call the owner or property manager, but what do you do when you have an issue or need at your temporary lodging unit? From simple questions to a burst pipe, you will want to ensure that wherever you stay on your extended trip has dedicated or on-site property management. Trust us, it means the difference between a highly stressful or completely relaxing stay. Which do you prefer?

How much notice is required for move-out?

Yes, when staying in temporary lodging you will need to provide notice of move-out. Similar to a typical rental lease, most providers will require guests to provide 60-day notice when under a short-term lease and 30-day notice when under a month-to-month lease.

What furniture and household items are included in your furnished temporary lodging rentals?temporary lodging room

Packing for a stay in temporary lodging is not the same as packing for a hotel. Since you will be gone for an extended period you want to ensure all the comforts and conveniences of home are met. Most every temporary lodging unit comes furnished, but what exactly does that entail?

From stereos to kitchen appliances, be sure to ask your provider for a detailed list of items they include in their units so that you know what you need to bring with you.

What is included in the cost of the temporary lodging rental?

It’s safe to assume that rental rates for a temporary lodging unit includes all costs, but what if it doesn’t? A proper provider is going to provide the following:

  • Furnished apartment/unit with all housewares
  • Utilities (electric, water, trash, sewer)
  • High-speed, dedicated wireless internet
  • HD cable service
  • 24-hour emergency maintenance

Word to the wise: If the temporary lodging provider you have found does not include at least all of the above, then find a new place to take your business.

What are my payment options?

It’s 2017, obviously a reputable provider is going to allow payment in the form of check, cash or credit card…but are those the only options a traveler may need?

Many business travelers these days have their lodging handled through a corporate department, and as such do not handle any payment. A great temporary lodging provider will have a system in place to offer corporate invoicing, ensuring documented and streamlined payment.

Do you require a security deposit?security deposit for temporary lodging

Most temporary lodging providers are not going to require a deposit, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to require anything. Much like incidentals at a hotel, travelers will find that they are required to place a credit card on file in case of damage or unexpected charges. Best to work this out with your temporary lodging provider before you sign a contract for stay.

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